COVID-19 Level 2 Health & Safety Plan

This document outlines the protocols that CHS Hairdressing staff are required to follow during COVID-19 Alert Level 2.
Please remember, that while there are a lot of health and safety precautions we have to follow, we must always do so with kindness, gentleness and respect. Our clients are all dealing with their own challenges, and coming to our salon is a chance to help them relax, unwind and take some time for themselves.

Our purpose has always been to make people feel amazing. Now, our goal is to keep making people feel amazing, but also to feel safe.


Do not enter the salon if you:

  • are experiencing shortness of breath;
  • have a high temperature;
  • are coughing;
  • have a sore throat;
  • have experienced a loss of smell;
  • have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms or have been in close contact with someone confirmed, DO NOT COME INTO WORK, stay home and call Healthline on 0800 358 5453.

Ring your manager and let them know what is happening.

Getting to Work

We recommend you travel to work in your own vehicle, by yourself if possible.

If you share a ride with someone, you must keep a record of their name and contact details, and what date and time you shared the ride.

If you use Public Transport you must maintain at least 1 meter (preferably 2 meters) between you and other passengers. You must wear a mask when using Public Transport.

Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser as soon as you can after using Public Transport.
Please ensure your hair is dry, and your beauty/make up routine is done prior to arriving at work.

Entering the Workplace

Wash your hands or use the Zoono hand sanitiser as soon as you enter the workplace.

Clock in using the Kitomba Time Clock.

Maintain physical distancing between staff. NO hugs or personal contact.

Stay at least 1 meter away from clients unless you are wearing a face mask.

Safety at Work

Staff should use their own equipment where possible to avoid cross contamination.

If salon equipment is usually shared between staff, ensure it is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant prior to being handed over from one person to another.

Zoono face masks must be worn when interacting with clients.

Staff are to wear gloves as much as possible to limit transmission.

Most work when colouring, cutting and styling can and should be done from the back or side of the client.

Services where your face is directly in front of the clients face should be kept to a minimum and under 15 minutes, and client conversation should be kept to a minimum during this time to prevent droplet transfer.

Services at the basin should be kept under 15 minutes if there are other clients at nearby basins.

If servicing two clients at the same time, gloves must be changed, hands sanitised, and tools disinfected before moving from one to another.

Working Arrangements

Timing of services need to be kept efficient to restrict the amount of time spent with a client.

When a client arrives in the salon, take them to their station immediately so as to avoid a build up of people in reception.

Keep a close eye on the waiting area and if it’s not possible to keep people 1 meter apart, ask them to wait outside, or in their car and say you will call them when you are ready for them.

Keep a close eye on the number of clients waiting outside. If physical distancing is not being maintained, you will need to ask them to disperse and let them know you will call them when you are ready for them.

Staff should keep 1 meter distance between themselves when at reception.

Ask your client to remain in their seat at their station while you organise their payment details, so that we minimise the number of people at reception. Have things ready so they can come up to reception, pay and move away.

Check that there is no one else at reception before taking them there.


After welcoming clients, confirm that they have been well and not experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms. If they have symptoms reschedule the clients service for another time.

Ask the client to wash their hands, or use the Zoono hand sanitiser.

If you require the client to sign a waiver, have them do so after they have sanitised their hands, and clean the pen and clipboard after each use.

Confirm their mobile phone number, and email address.

It is not necessary to seat clients at every second station because our chairs are further than 1 meter apart. However, if the salon is less busy, and there is room, then seat clients as far apart as possible.
Record which seat the client uses in Kitomba. And record which basin they use.

Casual and Walk in clients MUST have their full contact details recorded in Kitomba.

Walk in retail clients must Text or Email their details as per the Contact Tracing policy. Their details do not need to be recorded in Kitomba.

Perform hand hygiene in front of your client to show them that hygiene is a priority.

Clients are welcome to bring their own face masks if they wish.

If a client requests a face mask, we will supply one (only if requested, as we need to ensure we have enough for staff).

Clients to remove their own jackets and keep them beside their chair.

Coffee, tea and water may be offered to clients, but must be served in disposable cups.
No food is to be served unless it is individually wrapped.

Wear masks and gloves when handling food or drink.

Dealing with extra people

Clients will be asked not to bring anyone else with them to their appointment.

However, if they do bring someone with them, and there is enough room to accommodate the extra person safely at a spare station in the salon, then do so. We do not want them to wait in the waiting area.

If the salon is busy, and there is no spare station to safely put the extra person, you will need to politely explain the situation and ask the extra person to wait somewhere else.

If the extra person is a child, you will need to reschedule the clients appointment to another time. Please be kind and understanding, as it’s a challenging time for everyone.

A baby in a capsule or bassinet is allowed.

When making a Client Booking

If the booking is for a time within the next week, ask the client if they are well, and if they, or anyone they have been in contact with have had any COVID-19 symptoms.  If the booking is more than a week away, ask the client to let us know if they become unwell or if they have contact with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms so that we can reschedule them.

Let them know that they may wish to bring their own reading material as we are unable to provide magazines.

Let them know that they are not able to bring anyone else with them to their appointment.

Double check you have their correct contact details – full name, mobile phone number, email address.

Cleaning after each client

  • Clean and disinfect all station shelves, chairs, trolleys in between each client.
  • Clean and Disinfect all bowls, handles, hoses, spray nozzles and shampoo chairs.
  • The vinyl on chairs is to be cleaned after each client (use the Zoono Surface Sanitiser if available, as alcohol based products will damage the vinyl).
  • Wash your hands before using shampoos, conditioner, mask, or styling products.
  • Neck rests to be thoroughly wiped with disinfectant.
  • Scalp brushes to be sterilised between use. Basin combs to be sterilised between uses.
  • Clean and disinfect all tools. Scissors, combs, clippers and brushes. Using the correct measurements for the Zoono or similar and leave for the correct amount of time and use the correct method.
  • Store disinfected tools in a clean dry closed container that can also be disinfected. ( trolley drawer)
  • Use clean laundered towels and capes on every client. After using, put them into a plastic bag, until washing.
  • All basin stock is to be kept clean.

Colour Area

  • Wear gloves in colour area.
  • No staff gatherings in the colour area. Maintain social distancing.
  • Wash all colour brushes and colour bowls with soapy water.
  • Clean and tidy as you go.
  • Wear gloves when removing all rubbish.
  • For multi-dose products, always clean and disinfect the external packaging frequently.


  • Bathrooms to be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day.
  • All bathrooms should have disposable hand towels.
  • If no paper towels are available cotton towels can be used, but must be used once and then washed. Cotton towels must not be shared across clients or staff.
  • Use gloves when removing used paper towels.
  • Take special care with cleaning the door handles, locks, toilet flush and sanitary bins.
  • Keep the toilet seat, handle and rim clean by using a disinfectant.
  • Check paper hand towel dispenser, and hand soap at least twice each day.
  • Wash hands before and after using the facilities.


  • No group gathering in staff room. Maintain social distancing.
  • Do not share utensils or food/drink.
  • Each staff member to have their own designated cup/plate.
  • Keep locker/personal storage area clean everyday.
  • Clean as you go so no staff are cleaning your food bowls, plates or cups.
  • Wash your hands before and after you eat.
  • Discard or disrobe from any PPE gear safely and wash hands.
  • Clean and disinfect the area in which you sit and eat before and after your break ensuring it is safe for the next person.
  • Wear gloves when removing all rubbish.


  • It is recommended that towels are washed using hot water, as viruses do not survive in high temperatures.
  • If a cold water cycle is used, the towels must be thoroughly dried in a hot dryer. They must not be hung out to dry. The heat from the dryer (or hot water) is needed to kill the virus.
  • It is recommended that you put towels through on a hot water cycle at the end of the day when it will not compromise the client experience.

Personal Hygiene

  • Wash hands regularly.
  • To try and avoid touching your hair, all staff are asked to wear hair up in a fashionable pony or bun.
  • Do not use salon brushes on your own hair. Hair must be done prior to work.
  • Wear clean clothes daily. After using, put them into a plastic bag, or directly into a washing machine.
  • We suggest avoiding long nails as they can carry bacteria. Avoid wearing rings.
  • If sneezing or coughing, use the inside, elbow and not hands to cover mouth.
  • No sharing of make-up, deodorants or any personal items. e.g. earrings.
  • Wear gloves when removing all rubbish.

Leaving work

  • All salons must be cleaned and sanitised at the end of the working day.
  • Staff must check out correctly using the Kitomba Time Clock.
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser prior to leaving the salon.
  • Once at home remove clothing and wash straight away, in the washing machine with warm water and laundry detergent.
  • Remove your shoes before entering your house.
  • Maintain your bubble and social distancing at home.


  • CHS Hairdressing will supply staff with Zoono masks.
  • Staff will wear Zoono masks when dealing with clients and when in close contact with other team members. Zoono masks are treated with a long-lasting Antibacterial Shield.
  • Any mask should be replaced immediately if it becomes soiled or wet.
  • Used masks go into the laundry bag for washing.
  • When wearing glasses with a mask it is common for glasses to fog up for a few seconds, and then will usually clear.
  • Cloth masks must be washed in hot water, and thoroughly dried, every day.
  • Face masks are now mandatory on public transport.
  • It’s important to note that cloth masks do not offer the same level of protection as Zoono masks. But they do offer some protection and are a better option than no mask.
  • Information on making your own cloth mask is widely available online.
  • Please refer to the information provided for Safe Practices While Wearing Face Masks and Gloves.

General Cleaning Requirements

  • Clean the salon regularly throughout the day.
  • Always wear disposable gloves when cleaning. When finished, place used gloves in a rubbish bin. Wash hands immediately after removing gloves.
  • To clean an item means to remove any debris such as hair with a wipe to prepare the surface so disinfectant can make full contact and be effective against all pathogens listed on the label.
  • To disinfect an item means killing the bacteria using a chemical or alcohol but the correct dilution, contact time and method must be used.
  • Disinfection only works on a clean item, so cleaning before disinfecting is always the first step.
  • Use Zoono Surface Sanitiser to disinfect small areas between uses, such as reusable equipment or tools (for example, combs, scissors, clips etc).
  • Cleaning aids, such as cloths or mops, must be germ-free or they’ll spread germs to other surfaces.
  • Before leaving the salon at the end of the working day or end of each shift, wipe down any tables/surfaces with soapy water or cleaning agents where possible.
  • Use disposable cloths for cleaning.
  • Mop floor at end of day, put some disinfectant into water container before starting

Common touch points

Take extra care to clean the following:

  • Phones
  • Coffee machines and water dispensers.
  • Computer.
  • Eftpos Machine.
  • Common pens.
  • Clean and disinfect floors, starting from one end of the premises to another (from the exit inwards).
  • Wash items such as towels, tea towels and other fabrics and dry thoroughly.

Cleaning of Electrical Appliances

Clean appliance with spray or a wipe to remove any hair. Use Zoono surface shield or similar, leaving on for correct time. When contact time is complete, dry with paper towel or clean laundered towel.

Contact Tracing

  • The contact tracing poster will be displayed.
  • For clients who have a booking, you must make sure we have their correct contact details. Please double check these details at the time they make the booking, and again when they arrive in the salon.
  • For casual and walk in clients, you must enter their full details into Kitomba.
  • For our regular courier drivers, there is no need to do anything as they are known to us, and they have their own procedures in place.
  • For ALL other people, including any delivery people who are not known to us, they must follow the contact tracing protocol.
  • The protocol is that they must text TRACE to 5282 with THEIR NAME and the name of YOUR SALON (ie. CHS Hairdressing). Or alternatively they can email the same information to
  • This information will be on a poster that is to be attached to the salon front door, and also placed at reception.

Health and Safety Supplies

CHS Hairdressing will maintain good stocks of the following items:

  • Face masks
  • Gloves
  • Hand washing soap
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Paper towels
  • Disinfectant cleaning product (Zoono
  • Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser Spray)
  • Disposable cups
  • Rubbish bags

COVID-19 Response plan for dealing with suspected and confirmed cases

If a member of staff falls ill while at work and COVID-19 is suspected, then:

  • Isolate the person from others, and ensure they wear a disposable mask.
  • Call Healthline on 0800 611 116 and follow their advice.
  • Contact Carol and inform her.
  • Ensure the person has transport to their home or a medical facility.
  • Clean the area where the person has been. This may mean evacuating those areas.
  • Wear a mask and gloves while cleaning.
  • Identify who has had close contact with the infected person in the previous 24 hours. Send those people home to self isolate.
  • Clean all areas where the close contact people have been.
  • Let all staff who work at the salon know what is happening.

If the suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 is not at work, then:

  • Contact Carol and inform her.
  • Call Healthline on 0800 611 116 and follow their advice.
  • Identify who has had close contact with the infected person in the previous 24 hours. Send those people home to self isolate.
  • Clean all areas where the close contact people have been.
  • Let all staff who work at the salon know what is happening.

Please note – there is no automatic requirement to close down an entire salon if someone is infected or suspected to be infected so long as correct health and safety protocols have been followed. If a situation like this arises, Carol will assess the situation and consult with health officials and make the appropriate decision.

What is COVID-19?

The most up-to-date information for New Zealand is at the Ministry of Health website.

COVID-19 is a new contagious illness that can affect the lungs and airways; it is caused by a type of coronavirus. Experience of COVID-19 to date shows that all people are at risk of contracting the virus, however some people are at higher risk at getting very sick from this illness. This includes older adults and people who have medical conditions like heart disease, lung disease, asthma and diabetes.

It spreads through tiny droplets of saliva or body fluids spread by such things as talking, sneezing, kissing and coughing. The disease can survive on surfaces such as benchtops and door handles for a number of hours and can then be picked up from there which is why washing your hands is very important.

Signs and symptoms

Some people get a very mild form of the disease but it can kill some people quite quickly, especially if they have diabetes or heart disease.

  • Are you experiencing shortness of breath?
  • Do you have a high temperature?
  • Are you coughing?
  • Do you have a sore throat?
  • Have you experienced a loss of smell?
  • Have you been in contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms?

Milder symptoms can be helped with normal medicines but if there is trouble breathing people may need to go to hospital.

If you have these symptoms, call the Ministry of Health’s special COVID-19 number on 0800 358 5453 at any time. Or call your doctor, but don’t go in without warning them.

Information on Physical Distancing

Physical distancing is about keeping a safe distance from other people. Especially strangers for whom you have no contact details.

This is important to help protect against COVID-19 which spreads via droplets from coughing and sneezing.

Our goal at CHS Hairdressing is to maintain as much social distancing between people as possible, while still being able to conduct our business. As a general rule, the less distance we have between people, the more careful we must be about wearing masks, and maintaining high hygiene standards.

The policy is:

  • 1 meter physical distancing in the workplace unless wearing mask and gloves.
  • 2 meter physical distancing in public.


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