Hair Straightening

We are the most experienced salon in the Bay for permanent hair straightening.

Tired of fighting your curly hair?  Do you want straight hair that is easy to manage?  Book a consultation with one of our expert CHS staff.  We have the right hair straightening for you!

CHS New Zealand has been at the forefront of hair straightening for many years.  Initially offering the famous bStraight* hair straightening System.  CHS now offers the amazing Mucota hair straightening products.

*Carol was the NZ distributor and trainer for bStraight.  She recently sold the distributorship to one of her bStraight salon clients.


Hair Straightening System

We have straightened 100’s of clients hair over a 10 year period and achieve great results. Clients can wash their hair and go out in the rain and humidity and it stays straight.

Contact CHS for a free consultation about your own hair straightening.

The innovative bStraight Thermal Reconditioning System is a permanent hair straightener. This is the best solution in hair straightening for clients with virgin, tinted, highlighted, bleached and even pre-relaxed hair!

The bStraight System’s ingredients include Ceramide.  Ceramide is a natural resource that is part of your inter-cellular bonds to keep your hair healthy from the inside out and keeps your cuticles from being damaged. Other products on the market utilise silicon which has been known to damage cuticles in time.

The bStraight System from Nakagawa Beauty Lab Inc. has been used in Japan and Korea for 15 years. They have continuously improved their systems to make the best hair straightening systems to date.


Hair Straightening Technique System

For coloured straight hair with a high degree of damage.

The Mucota Hair Straightening Technique System is the latest innovation from Nakagawa Beauty Lab Inc. (developers of the bStraight System).

With a focus on moisture, Mucota adopted ingredients that gather and enfold it.  Formulated to simplify the selection of hair straightening agents.  Mucota Straightening Technique System releases curls completely yet naturally. The moisture-holding capacity of the ingredients in the Mucota system is utilised to promote reduction and swelling, conditioning the hair for easier straightening. This makes is possible to reduce the number of times the hair needs to be passed through the iron, lightening the burden on the hair and improving moisture and sheen.

We offer a free no obligation hair analysis and consultation for our bStraight and all salon services. Contact CHS today for a hair straightening appointment.



You can not TuckTie 
or Wet your new thermally reconditioned hair for 72 hours.  You must not Colour your hair for 1 week after Thermal Reconditioning. You are not able to BLEACH  or HIGHLIGHT your hair until the straight grows out as this will volumise and damage your straight. If you are in a job that you need to wear a hat or  glasses it is recommended that you are away for the first 72 hours!  It is worth it to be able to go into the rain, sea, humidity and stay straight !!!

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