I just wanted to write a personal thank you to you and your staff for making me so comfortable during my recent wig fitting.

I was dreading the experience as I had heard through the Cancer Society of other people’s hideous experiences with their wig fittings.

I was shown a vast array of styles, given wonderful advice on ways to wear it and how to feel confident while wearing a wig.
The privacy of your fitting room was very comfortable and the stories you both told me of other people’s experiences and suggestions were really reassuring – I didn’t feel as though I was on my own facing this “scary” experience.

The great reaction I received to my new look, from friends, colleagues and the staff at Oncology, all commenting and the fantastic style, and colour.
Each day when I get ready for work, and complete my look with my wig, you would be hard pressed to know what I was going through. A huge confidence booster!

So a huge thank you CHS for making me feel so “normal” through this very difficult experience.

Kind regards,