Since 1964, Kérastase has been creating new haircare services developed with the most advanced formulas. Dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of the hair, Kérastase is based on 4 essential values: Performance | Expertise | Personalization | Beauty

Since its creation, La Recherche Avancée L’Oréal has produced some of the most advanced technology in the industry. Kérastase products are innovative, unique formulas designed for both men and women to enhance the natural beauty of the hair.

A Kérastase Consultant Stylist will begin with a detailed consultation to diagnose the needs of your hair and scalp and then select the in-salon ritual and personalized home care program best suited to your hair/scalp type. Every person is unique; each hair type has its own particular needs. For these reasons Kérastase has developed a collection of personalized haircare products that target individual needs and desires.

All Kérastase products and rituals are designed to enhance the natural beauty of the hair while maintaining the experience of complete well-being and relaxation.

Consumers today have new expectations in the kind of service they wish to receive. The sensorial Kérastase In-Salon Ritual, the ultimate in luxury haircare, immerses the client in a ambiance of beauty and well-being.

A complete personalised haircare service is offered at CHS with the professional advice of a qualified Kérastase Consultant Stylist. Contact CHS to make your appointment.

Our Kérastase Range


Dull & Devitalised Hair


Total scalp and hair regeneration


Fine or thinning hair


Curly or unruly hair


Dull hair


Customised ritual capable of solving all your hair concerns


Weakened hair


Dry hair


Colour treated hair


Scalp conditions and hair loss


Couture styling products


Damaged Hair


Fine hair
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