Bain Ultra Violet Purple Shampoo


Kerastase’s new Blond Absolu range is the ultimate answer for all blondes.  Bain Ultra-Violet Shampoo is a rich, powerful purple shampoo that instantly removes brassiness and yellow undertones for an illuminated blonde.


Kerastase Bain Ultra Violet Purple Shampoo is a rich shampoo with neutralizing agents.  Bain Ultra Violet instantly removes brassiness and yellow undertones from all shades of blonde hair.

Ideal for cool faux-blonde and grey hair, the regular use of this shampoo provides durable anti-brassiness protection.  It helps keep blonde shades cool for longer. It protects hair from daily oxidation and pollution, restoring shine and softness.

Enriched with a potent combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss flower, Bain Ultra Violet Shampoo instantly boosts blonde luminosity while deeply nourishing your hair.

Use in conjunction with Cicaflash Conditioner for ultimate results.


  • Instantly neutralizes brassy & yellow undertones
  • Leaves hair 94% stronger when used with Cicaflash Conditioner
  • Removes impurities & pollution particles
  • Repairs the surface of the hair fiber up to 46% when combined with Cicaflash Conditioner

Wet hair then thoroughly to remove excess water before applying a quarter-sized amount of shampoo.  Apply touch by touch onto 5 key zones of your hair. Add water and emulsify. Leave Bain Ultra Violet on between 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. We recommend you alternate with Bain Lumière on a weekly or as a second shampoo for a deeper, hydrating cleanse.

A unique combination of potent Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss flower:
Hyaluronic Acid fills and heals fiber wounds from within for a uniform, deeply nourished cuticle. This ultra concentrated acid strengthens hair, preventing future breakage.

Edelweiss flower is rich in anti-oxidants to protect hair against daily damage. It also softens and calms sensitized hair fibers.

Ultra Violet neutralizers are highly concentrated pigments that act immediately on the fiber to neutralize and remove brassy & yellow undertones, revealing a radiant natural shine.

Use Bain Ultra Violet to get an instant & powerful shot of anti-brass neutralization. After reaching the desired tone, use Masque Ultra Violet to maintain & protect your blonde on a weekly basis.

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