Whats trending for hair for formals and School Balls this year?

For 2016 School Balls CHS Hairdressing are saying:

Loose updos a bit messy!  AND Stylish buns definitely in!


Yes Ponytails!

But keeping them fresh and young looking! Great for a quick stylish fix for just $35!

Updos to be spontaneous and fun, keep it youthful, you are all so gorgeous that you would look great in a rubbish bag! LOL


Fishtail Braiding! French Braiding! ANY Braiding!

This team will create a braid for you, you don’t want to look like your girlfriends do you?
Sumiko, Kate Hannah and Courtney will braid you into oblivion! You will look so amazing!

Or do you want to look like Marilyn? WHO?

A Prom or School ball or event should be glamorous, it is a major memory in your life, you want to look fabulous, beautiful, more beautiful than anyone at the school ball or event,  you want everyone to say WOW! your hair looks , Great, gorgeous, amazing, shiny, sexy, the best!

Hey the very creative, fun, talented stylists at CHS Hairdressing will create your unique style. Be it, hair up, braids, ponytails, curls, messy buns, and a really great short hair style, short hair can with a twist will make you just stand out!

Happy School Ball
Life Memories
Be young and Enjoy

School Ball Prices

We have a 3 prices structured for events for students and ANYONE! and want to talk you through your look before the day!


Glam Bun,Pony or braid
(20 mins)


Express All Glammed up
(30 mins)


Elaborate curls /hairups
(60 mins)


We have some special conditions though.

  1. Come with your hair clean and dry
  2. Come with your dress so we have an idea of your signature style
  3. Have a picture of what your ideal result is
  4. Be open minded about the finished look before makeup and dress
  5. Our prices are time based so be mindful of the clock

Give us a call, Book Online or pop in and have a chat. (Or send your Mum as she will be paying, lol!)

“Best of all Have Fun when you’re YOUNG,You Gorgeous Girls..”


Use our easy online booking system to book YOUR School Ball hair appointment.